Are You Adding or Subtracting Ego?

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Time to cut out ego at the spiritual workshop.
When people start on the spiritual path, they commonly are trying to become "more" of something. They want to be more spiritual, more healed, more whole, more happy, or more of something else. But the path to spiritual freedom isn't about getting more. It's about subtracting the ego to find the vastness within us.

This point is missed on many people, and more than a few people get lost and create a spiritual ego. That spiritual ego is more ego--ego added on top of the old unconscious ego. In that space, there are fewer and fewer ways to live as the additional ego creates more rules on how to be more spiritual and get more of whatever the person has been taught to want.

It's too much. So instead, I invite you to become less...much less.

You can take a look at this next video with more of my thoughts on this matter. I hope it'll help you understand why ego subtraction is the path to spiritual freedom.

Are You Adding or Subtracting Ego Video

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