Is it Time to Hit the Spiritual Reset Button?

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There is soooo much spiritual information available now. Historically, this is unheard of to have this much access to so much stuff, but what do you do with it all?

Having all the spiritual information and tools that we now have is a little like having a modern day grocery store with all the food options it offers. Yet we often have no recipe. So we get mixed up and make totally bizarre combinations that don't make any sense together. It's like putting peanut butter and sardines together...ew.

In short, this leads to more than a few failed spiritual journeys.

Failure in this sense is the failure to go within, dissolve ego attachments, and move towards the path of spiritual freedom. Plenty of people succeed at finding momentary enjoyable moments, but that's not what spiritual freedom is about.

People young and old, new to the path and long-time seekers, get lost. This video is a discussion on starting over when you've gotten lost and coming back to the simplicity of going within.

Spiritual Reset Video

Staying as Awareness

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  1. Thanks for sharing your wisdom
    You are a beautiful soul

    1. You're welcome, Joyce. Thanks for the kind words.

  2. Great stuff Jim; this video is spot on about so many things!


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