Space for New Students During the 2019 Holidays

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Because of changing schedules, I often have space for sessions with new students in the holiday season before I take my winter break from December 18th to December 29th. If you haven't reached out to me before and feel intuitively called to do so, this is a good time to connect and have an initial session.

As a reminder, I'm a spiritual freedom teacher. I'm interested in helping you dissolve the ego to discover who and what you truly are. Through surrender, we allow life to be as it is, which also allows us to take wise actions as we are called. This is a powerful space, but it is not the space of fixing every wound, changing others, or being your best self--whatever that means to your ego. The ego can always attempt to improve itself, and it is rarely satisfied. Ego satisfactions are brief and disappear when life changes, and life is always changing.

In this work, I don't try to improve you or fix you. I help you use spiritual tools to take away any and all ego attachments that cover up your true nature as a spiritual being.

In general, I have a waiting list although today there isn't a wait. You can learn more about that and my sessions on this link:

If you've read through that link and my links about working with me and the FAQ, you can reach out to me through any newsletter email. If you're not on my newsletter list, you can sign up here and reply to the intro email.


  1. Hi Jim,
    You have hit so many things of what I’ve had happen to me. Now I’m in a predicament I don’t know what to do with but would like to keep it personal. You posted something about shamans and something that can happen and that you need tools to get back. You’re the only one it’s ever posted anything about this. Is there anyway that you could reach out to me through email? I would greatly appreciate it and I would like to donate to your winner time off if you would just give me a little bit of your time. Thank you for your enlightenment!

    1. You can go to my contact page and follow the instructions to send an email to me if you want to talk privately.


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