The Continual Renewal of the Present Moment

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Dissolving the ego allows every day and every moment to be freshly experienced because each and every moment is totally brand new.

The way the ego filters life creates a sense of sameness, but this is not life's fault. It is the nature of the ego to look for familiar patterns and to focus on them. Additionally, the ego likes to perpetuate similar ways of acting, thinking, and feeling. The result can be extremely monotonous for some people.

While the basics of the life are often mostly the same, the present moment is never the same. In this video, I offer more thoughts about the present moment and how it is continuously new and being renewed.


The Continual Renewal of the Present Moment Video

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  1. I’m confused about what the ego is. According to modern physiology the ego is the ability to perceive objective reality.
    Without the ego I could not have an earthly experience. So therefore I can not dissolve it.

    My understanding is that I do want to become consciously aware of my thoughts beliefs feelings and actions so I can make better choices that serve me and brings me peace and joy.

    I do understand conscious living. That I have the ability to become aware of how my brain functions and observe my patterns and how I react or respond to life.

    According to my understanding, dissolving the ego would mean to bring any thought belief feeling and action from the unconscious to the conscious so I am ware of it, feel it, and decide if it is serving me and the world. If not than I can work on changing it.
    Is this what you are teaching when you say to let go of the ego?
    Thanks for your insights and work

    circumstances. that I can decide that my actions That many of my patterns that do not serve me come from the unconscious. Is what you are considering the ego to be is my thoughts feelings beliefs and behaviors that do not serve me?

    about dissolving the ego because it seems to me that is The ego is the ability to perceive objective reality ( definition according to modern physiology)

    1. No. I'm not using other people's definitions of the ego. The way I define the ego is that it is a collection of traits, preferences, attachments, and so forth that causes you to limit how you perceive reality based on those above agendas.

      Awareness is the space that is aware. But it has no agenda. That's what I'm pointing you back towards, Joyce.

      Additionally, we create a conscious ego to make choices like to do spiritual inner work, but the conscious ego is more like scaffolding around the unconscious ego--the house that is being demolished. As the unconscious is dissolved, the need for a conscious ego is less.

      Ultimately, dissolving the unconscious ego allows us to have choice and freedom in how we focus ourselves/when and how we create a conscious ego whereas the uncosncious ego has already told you how you can think, what you think is possible, what you think is desirable, and so forth. These beliefs are so deeply held that we don't even realize how attached and limited we are.

      Does this help? Thanks for the question.

  2. Yes!
    The confusion came with the definition of the ego and your explanation cleared my confusion.
    I really enjoy your articles. Thanks for sharing your insights and wisdom.

    1. You're welcome, Joyce. I'm glad my work can help you.


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