5 Spiritual Posts from 2019 Worth Another Read

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I have written a lot. But unfortunately, the Internet swallows up content super fast, and so a lot of really good stuff gets lost and goes unseen.

So in the interest of keeping some of the really good stuff that I worked hard on last year alive, here are 5 spiritual blog posts from 2019 that are worth another read (or your very first one if you missed them or found me after I wrote them).

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Getting One-on-one Spiritual Support

#1 How to Go Spiritually Deeper

I think sometimes people are confused about what it means to go spiritually deeper, so I wrote this post to help with that.

Read About Going Spiritually Deeper

#2 5 Misunderstandings About Humility

Lots of people have misunderstandings about humility. Humility doesn't make us doormats. It actually makes us very wise and powerful.

Read About Some Misunderstandings About Humility

#3 Laughing at Yourself

Our egos make us do some absurd stuff. Sometimes the best response is to laugh.

Laughing at Your Ego's Absurdities

#4 Why Some People Succeed on the Spiritual Path

Yes, there is a way to succeed at being nobody. :) It's yet another paradox of the spiritual path. Read more below to find out why.

6 Reasons People Succeed Spiritually

#5 Engaging Your Baseline Emotion

Your baseline emotion is your most fundamental way you feel about yourself and about life. It defines much of your ego.

Read About Facing Your Baseline Emotion

I hope these posts are helpful. Be sure to check out my archives and use the search tool to find more topics.


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