Learning to Address Blocks Correctly

dealing with blocks,
This blog post shares a recent video about addressing blockages.

One of the key concepts in this video is that we chose our blockages. While we make these choices unconsciously, it is important to appreciate that different issues and blockages to which we're attached are chosen and reinforced by us.

Why do we do this?

Well, imagine if you got shouted at every time you spoke up as a kid. Pretty soon, you have a serious blockage in your throat. Why is that there? It is there to protect you from getting hurt. But of course, then people get stuck, and they struggle to ever say what they really want to say. Furthermore, dissolving the blockage will likely unplug a lot of emotions from the past when you were yelled at. Thus, addressing blockages correctly means having a certain amount of preparation for what comes up as a block is dissolved as well as giving up part of a desire to self-protect.

So please take a look at the following video if this is of interest to you. Giving the video a thumbs up is appreciated if it is helpful. Thanks!

Addressing Blockages Correctly Video

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