Do Relationships Block Spirituality?

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I occasionally have conversations with people who are concerned that being serious about the spiritual path will get in the way of relationships or that they have to get rid of their relationships.

In this video, I offer some thoughts on this topic as well as the perception that the spiritual path is a solitary one.

After watching the video, please check out the links below to go further into this topic.

Do Relationships Get in the Way of Spirituality?

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  1. Thank you for this video. I often feel this extreme pressure to sit in a cave and never come out, I think because I read the blog of a spiritual teacher once who said the fastest way to enlightenment was to sit down and don't move until you understand. However, when I do that there's just no juice there. I just kinda check out. I have this inner knowing that I have to actually go out, engage in relationships for once in my life - actually commit to something in the world - so the thoughts and feelings that are buried deep inside can be pushed out. I feel like your love in this video has given me the permission to follow my inner knowing.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Joe. There are many roads to realizing enlightenment.


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