Connecting in Spiritual Partnership

Jim Tolles, spiritual teacher
I'm interested in creating all kinds of spiritual partnerships with people. Some of the common types I'm interested in developing include volunteers, collaborators on workshops and webinars, practitioners to refer students to, publishers, and more.

However, the basis of spiritual partnership is connection, so let's start there.

Do you feel connected to me and my work?

Before answering too quickly and clicking the link below to connect, be sure to have read and watched more than a few of my posts and videos. Some people get initially very excited about me after reading one post or watching one video, but their ego only heard five things they liked and didn't hear the rest of the message. In particular, be sure to look at my more current posts and videos. While older works certainly have my essence in them, my more current work reflects more of my current state of spiritual realization.

If you want to connect with me as a student, please follow the directions on my sessions link. If you want to be mentored by me--that's me teaching you how to be a spiritual teacher--you can follow this link on mentorship.

And for those who feel connected to me but don't know how to categorize it, you are welcome to reach out. I'm open to exploring with you.

If you still feel called to connect, click the link below and fill out the form. If you're not sure, please read the rest of this post.

More Thoughts on Spiritual Partnerships

Since there are all kinds of suffering, there are all kinds of people with whom I'm interested in collaborating. Some specific types of professionals include:
  • sleep coaches, 
  • nutritionists/dietitians, 
  • health coaches, 
  • physical therapists, 
  • intimacy coaches, 
  • therapists,
  • doctors, 
  • holistic healers, 
  • meditation teachers, 
  • spiritual teachers, and plenty more.

For professionals, my preference is that you would have an online presence since that's where I do most of my work and because I connect with most people via the Internet. The exemption is if you do in-person work in a major city because then there would be a greater likelihood that I could refer someone to you. For example, I'm likely to be able to refer someone for in-person work in London, New York City, or San Francisco.

I am also interested in collaborating in livestreams, workshops, and other stuff.

For those who want to volunteer, there are all kinds of ways you can help such as graphic design for my upcoming book cover, SEO insights (I know some, but a few of the right tweaks go a long way), coordinating local groups in your area for me to speak to online or in-person, and more.

And I'm open to ideas and ways of connecting beyond what I've mentioned. If you feel intuitively drawn to connect, feel free to do so.

After you fill out the survey below, I'll reach out if I feel like we're a match. Then, we can have a Skype chat to get to know each other better and see what sort of connection makes the most sense for us.


  1. Hi Jim

    Just dropping bye to say hello. Feeling a kindered awakening connection. Thanks for your posts and insights.

    1. Thanks for saying, "Hi," Lemon Energy. I hope all is well for you.

  2. Jim,

    I thank you for sharing your insights and learnings in your process. It has been most helpful, especially the writings or talks that push one out of a "comfort zone" towards deeper exploration and growth. Your direct nature, thoroughness on each offered subject, and compassion are most appreciated.



    1. You're welcome, Katy. I'm glad my work can help inspire you on the path to spiritual freedom.


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