Dealing with New Spiritual Experiences

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Having new experiences is a regular part of the spiritual path. Quite simply, all of life is always new. It is how our ego practices seeing and projecting the same things that makes life appear to be exactly the same. The reality is that things are breaking down, dying, and being born; it's all in a state of change, different from one day to the next, always brand new.

On the path to understanding that reality, we realize that we are having new spiritual experiences of all kinds. 

The following blog posts are meant to help you navigate that newness without backsliding into old ego habits.

Newness and Uncertainty After Releasing an Issue

Misinterpreting Spiritual Experiences

It's often difficult to talk about new experiences because we don't even have the words for them. So we may misinterpret them by trying to use the language we have but which can't really explain them. It's like if you used a car odometer to determine the temperature outside. The numbers would be useless and confusing.

Completing Cycles and Crossing Thresholds

7 Common Spiritual Awakening Experiences


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