Brainstorm Spiritual Community Ideas with Me!

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Western Culture seems to be defined by this statement now-a-days:

The individual must work and consume.

The emphasis is on three things here: individuality, working, and consumption.

You'll notice that community, family, cooperation, environment, health, and many other things are not in that sentence. And I totally realize that many of you do not focus your entire lives on hyper-individuality/selfishness, working, and consuming as many things, substances, and experiences as possible. I get that. I see that.

But when we look at the dominant social messages and the structures around us, we see a massive emphasis on the individual, what s/he does for work, and what s/he does in consuming things, substances, and experiences of all kinds.

And this is not making people happy. Actually, it's making a lot of people feel very disconnected and lonely.

Furthermore, the global responses to the coronavirus have forced many people into further isolation. Community is being broken down.

Thus, I feel that one of the most important things I can offer are ways to connect in community. 

So I'm inviting you to take the following survey to brainstorm community ideas with me. Please vote on my ideas and share your ideas. Obviously, a lot of community ideas will have to work in the online space since all of you are very likely scattered around the world. However, for those in the Northern Nevada/Northern California region and those willing to travel, some ideas can be for in-person community.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

UPDATE: Thanks for everyone who has shared. This survey is now closed.

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  1. Hi Jim, wondering if anything's come of this and if there's an online community that I could look into.


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