Discovering Reality and Real Empowerment--Mike C.'s Testimonial

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Here is another testimonial from one of my students about one-on-one spiritual work. As usual, I can only emphasize that the benefits Mike has received from the work are a result of the work he's put into it.

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Discovering Reality and Real Empowerment

The primary intention behind Jim’s teaching is to assist the sincere individual to go through his or her “individuality,” exposing the true structure of this “individual” and all that it involves. An increased appreciation and understanding of a person’s experience serves to point us towards an understanding of spiritual Freedom. As with many words used in a “spiritual” context, the word itself is merely something of a placeholder for a lived experience; Jim will not attempt to explain words or terms, fitting things into concepts and boxes, as those are of limited utility to the person experiencing growth.  Instead, the teaching directs the person towards the experiential understanding of Reality.  

That Reality is the focus.  Your lived Reality.  

Reality manifests within our awareness, so our attention is constantly directed inwards, away from the frivolity and distraction often mistakenly associated with spiritual growth. Ideas and beliefs within the individual may not be obvious to the person’s awareness. Jim will see these and point them out; there will be no attempt to accommodate or work around limiting beliefs, regardless of how tightly these are held by the person or how much influence the belief is afforded within them. This can be a momentarily jarring experience; additionally it can be weeks or months later that the significance of this becomes apparent and how the belief had limited the person.

The curious or skeptical may question how all this works. Jim has a highly developed ability to really see the person where they are in the moment. From there, communication occurs from an intuitive space and appeals to the Truth within each student. In this way, interaction with Jim evolves in-line with the student. Along with this, tools and techniques offered to further a student’s growth will also tend to change, matching the requirements of the moment. Because Jim is operating from the intuitive space, he is able to objectively observe psychological traumas, unresolved emotional wounds, and physical hardships. From this student’s perspective, such things are dealt with using respect, compassion, and understanding. This can also come as a surprise, as Jim is able to provide a safe space from which to explore. In my experience, this was completely new and previously unprecedented. Many of our issues can take some time to appreciate, understand, and process.  During these moments, Jim has demonstrated a steady patience and tenacity for which I am hugely grateful.

I have personally found sharing space with Jim to be hugely empowering. It is possible for a person to arrive at a direct and lived understanding of Love; it becomes evident that this is the space shared with Jim during a session. This serves to create a necessary distinction—Jim’s students are not “followers.” The onus is on the student to realize their own “inner teacher” and come to an understanding that no one else can do our inner work. Jim does not have your answers, but he can guide a person to find those answers, should the questions remain relevant as inner space is cleared.  This is part of showing the student that everything they need is already present within them and that they should look within. If a student truly realizes this, they gradually lose the reliance on outward looking in order to meet their needs. That is real empowerment. Paradoxically, from here we can see the facts of how we interdepend on the totality of our world and wider existence.

It is worthy of note that Jim does not offer a particular system or set of actions often demanded by the ego. If a certain series of actions are required, that is what will be offered.  As implied by the title of Jim’s blog, any form of spiritual development (distinct from the ever popular “personal development” distraction) is a process. While other “teachers” may purport to offer “instant” or “quick” fixes, I would encourage anyone with a desire to deepen their awareness to be suspicious of such claims, in addition to the desire itself. Those things may serve up a temporary experience or sensation, but Jim’s teaching aims to guide us towards Freedom, which is available to each One of us (apparent contradiction fully intended). This will necessitate a process, regardless of any “starting point.” This process will be intense at times, and it can feel incredibly difficult and uncomfortable.  We must be willing to go through all of these: there are no shortcuts to Freedom.

This is why the work should be approached with sincerity and humility. I can, however, confirm that where a student begins with little humility, as perhaps in my case, that quality will develop! Further, as mentioned many times on Jim’s blog, the process is one of subtraction, not addition. We are looking to identify our ideas and beliefs. We will process through them but certainly not add to them! Our Freedom is already Here and Now, and all these additions obscure our vision to our own divinity. Therefore, we are subtracting and clearing in order to see what’s underneath—not merely replacing one ego with another. If you choose the path to spiritual freedom, you will lose far more than you will gain; but do know that everything “lost” had little or no inherent value. 

During the process, it can seem that the same energy or issue is re-visited from time to time. Jim is able to work at the various “levels” that make up the person; so once an issue has been processed on one level (the mind for example) it is likely to make a return in another form—such as the unprocessed emotions surrounding the issue becoming evident at the “heart level.” Jim appreciates the depths in all of us.

I encourage any readers who genuinely wish to know themselves to get in touch with Jim. There are no prerequisites, but an open mind and heart will certainly help, along with a willingness to see all aspects of yourself, even if some of those may not be considered “pretty”, and a healthy dose of sincerity. 

Finally, I can confirm that Jim is “the real deal.” He is a person of deep wisdom and understanding with a passion for helping us All realize our potential as divine Beings.

--Mike C.
United Kingdom
(Dec 2018 to ongoing)


  1. Mike,

    Thanks for sharing your experience; I am definitely considering reaching out to enroll as a student after reading your testimonial.

  2. Hello Unknown,
    There isn't an "enrolment" as such, anyone is free to engage as much as we allow ourselves.
    If it's a casual enquiry the various YouTube folks will satisfy your needs. If instead your questions feel "burning" and otherwise insatiable send Jim an email. Nothing to be lost, a True self to gain :-)
    Much Love,


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