Donating to Support my 2020 Winter Break

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Once again, the time is coming for me to take some time off and re-charge. As I like to remind my heavily Western audience, rest is a critical part of our self-care. We can't constantly be doing stuff.

Each year, I reach out to all of you about donating to cover the lost income of my not working, and each year, many of you step up and do so. Thank you!

This year, I'm looking to take my usual week and a half off, and I need about $2,000 to cover that time. If we reach that goal, the next goal is $6,000 to help me cover some of the costs of my recent move out of Nevada to Oregon.

If you feel called to donate, you can click the link below to donate via PayPal.

Donate to Jim's Winter Break

As usual, I like encourage people to give according to their financial situation. If you are limited financially, small donations are fine. I'm happy to receive your $5 donation if that is what is right for you. Conversely, if your financial position is strong, I encourage you to give more. For some of you, a $5,000 is no problem at all.

In this way, we are creating a mini wealth redistribution system where those with the most can help me so that I can help those who have little or nothing to offer. Most of my work is free, and many people in difficult financial situations benefit from it because those of you who so generously support me.

Who You Help Support When You Support Me

Throughout the year, I connect with people of all walks of life. Most of the people who benefit from my work are people who read the blog, and I'll never know all of the thousands of lives I've touched.

Additionally, I work by a suggested donation amount for my sessions, so I receive all levels of support. Unlike a fixed, obligatory payment system, I let people donate what they can, and from time to time, I do free sessions for those who can't donate anything. 

Some of the types of people who can't donate very much, but with whom I still have sessions include people who are

  • single parents,
  • students,
  • unemployed,
  • homeless,
  • disabled and/or on disability,
  • going through major life transitions (ending career, grieving a loved one, or leaving a relationship that support them financially), and other people going through times of financial lack.

In short, these are just a few of the types of people you help to support when you support me.

All the Free Stuff I Do

I share as much of my work for free as I possibly can. It's my sessions that give me the income to do that with a little more support from one-time donations, monthly donors, and ebook sales throughout the year. Some of the free stuff that I share to all of you include:

There's also a whole load of background stuff that I do like staying in compliance with privacy laws, making updates to my website, accounting, and other things. As a sole proprietor, I'm as much the janitor as a spiritual teacher. haha.

So, I hope you'll be willing to donate to help me do my self-care and continue to serve the thousands of people who connect to me through my writing, videos, emails, and sessions.

Thank you!

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