It's a Major Nothing Event!

Lake Tahoe
Too many spiritual people are busy trying to create massive, orgasmic spiritual experiences out of lingerie and bad ideas. 

And even if something momentarily happens, the person is inevitably confused by the temporariness of the experience. It comes. Then it goes, and they're forever trying to get it back.

But the spiritual people who have been quietly letting go of attachments often go further on this path. It's an ironic, but true statement. Yes, there's nowhere to go, but freedom from attachments is a progress--a progression out of the suffering we inflict on ourselves.

And at times, people on this quiet path have a kind of realization of nothing. Nothing much is happening. But the absence of ego chatter, emotional upheaval, and/or physical tension is a huge relief. That's right. It's a major nothing event! But there is no real event either. It's just the present moment without ego interruption.

And this realization of reality often goes along much more successfully for those who follow quieter, but diligent paths.

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  1. But it's so boring. I feel so seeking for some fulfillment, some excitement, some greater purpose. I enjoy my days but there's an emptiness to my general life. It feels like such a period of nothing

    1. Come back to awareness and observe the ego that wants excitement. See if you look past this experience of "boredom" to understand the deeper issues in you that make you feel bored.

      Thanks for the comment.


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