Fear Less

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I like this word.

On the spiritual path, we learn to embrace all of life as we also learn to let go of our reactions. 

Most of our fears are reactions.

But not all.

Fear is a biological reality that has been instilled genetically into most if not all of humanity. The biochemicals and tensions that we call fear, anxiety, worry, et al are part of us. They are not going away entirely. In surrendering to fear, we give it space to exist and be felt without giving it more energy.

It's that second part that's the key. 

If we don't feed the fear, it has to end. Fear, in itself, is an action. While sometimes old body reactions will happen that bring about fear, without our continued internal action to be scared, the fear dissipates, disappears.

In this way, we still may experience fear at different times of our lives, but we fear less.

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