Meditative Monday: Being of Service

car care service sign, spiritual service
Being of service to others means putting aside your interests.

Plenty of religious texts remind people to let go of the "fruits of your actions."

Yet, this point is often missed. 

Lots of lost spiritual people--including spiritual teachers and wounded healers--try to give others what they themselves want. You may want a peanut butter sandwich, but if your friend is allergic, why would you even think to give them that?

Instead, selfless service teaches us to talk to the friend, find out what their needs are, and then offer what is needed if it is within our power.

When service is offered well, it is uplifting. Selfless service helps other people come into their own power. 

Anyone reading this post has the capacity for this kind of service. As always, it really helps to let go of your ego so you can see others and situations as they actually are.

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