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Hello! I’m Jim Tolles. I’m a spiritual teacher.

Except, I am really not those things. “Jim Tolles” is only a name. The spiritual teaching is just my work. Instead, it is much truer to say:

I am.

I know. Most of you are expecting a story. You’re expecting an ego story full of descriptions, certifications, statements of experience, and a laughably small set of memories out of all my experiences that are meant to encapsulate the whole of me. By creating such a story, I am already doing you a disservice. I am creating an illusion.

But I want us to get off on the right foot here, and the most honest thing I can say is that “I am.”

It’s such a beautiful statement too. It is a simple statement of existence and of reality. In reality, we are totally free to live and think in any way possible, and the work I share with people is to help them realize this reality—to realize spiritual freedom. 

Spiritual freedom is the freedom we discover in the absence of ego and our attachments. Dropping the ego even momentarily can be a huge relief. If you had such an opening, perhaps that is what has drawn you to this website.

My teaching style has developed itself intuitively and organically, and it continues to redevelop itself based on the present moment. Surrendering to the present moment means that my teaching style can be anything. I can be very easy-going or intense. The session, class, group, workshop, webinar, spiritual laboratory, one-on-one intensive, or other offering can be free-flowing or heavily-structured. What is needed in the moment is what is offered.

To the ego that wants certainty, such a teaching style is confronting to say the least. But this is the sanest approach of all because to have a totally concrete teaching style is to use past experiences and ideas and impose them on the present moment. While I have the ability to do such a thing—aka use things that have worked in the past—this should not be expected.

A lot of shifts and realizations have arisen for the people who have come to me. I’m not going to list them. I don’t want to set expectations. I know. This is still not what you’ve come to expect from someone who is offering a service. You can read the testimonials below to hear what others have said, but don’t hang onto any idea. Your path will be unique to you.

One-on-one Session Testimonials

However, there are two defining traits that I’ve seen in “successful” students and other followers of the spiritual path. Successful means they realize freedom from their ego rather than being trapped acting out the same situations again and again. Those traits are sincerity and discipline. Those traits take people far.

I know this section probably isn’t what you’ve expected. No long lists of successes. No endless amounts of credentials and certifications. No great declarations of my abilities and experiences. No pronouncements of associations with famous people or prominent spiritual leaders.

I am. 

It is the simplest and truest statement I can offer about me, and it is what I point you back towards in all my work.

If you are interested in becoming a student, please come to some of my online classes.

Jim's Online Spirituality Classes

Here's info about one-on-one work, which is primarily offered to those people who have regularly attended classes:

Learn About One-on-one Online Sessions

If you’re brand new to the spiritual path, I recommend reading my ebook to get started:

Everyday Spirituality: Cultivating an Awakening

In love and kindness,


The following are offerings only available to my students:

One-on-one Weekend Intensives

Mentorship (Being taught how to teach)

Spiritual laboratories (more on this soon)

Designing a Personal Spiritual Retreat

Updated 10/11/2020

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