I'm Jim Tolles, and I'm a spiritual teacher. I help people to transform and move towards true spiritual freedom.

I’ve been consciously on the path to spiritual freedom since my spiritual awakening in 2007. Since then, I’ve healed, grown, and evolved in countless ways, and I continue to transform as I dissolve deeper into the present moment.

Part of my transformation meant taking on the work of spiritual teaching, which I've been doing since October 2010. In that time, I've seen a lot of issues and helped people transmute a lot of pain. I've also helped my students find a lot of joy, peace, clarity, wisdom, humility, compassion, and, of course, love.

My teaching is derived from surrendering to the present moment. In the present moment, intuitive information comes up, and energy flows. This is a sacred process, and it takes my students and me where we need to go.  When a student is sincere in their inner dedication and in surrendering to this energy, a lot of amazing shifts can arise.

About Spiritual Freedom

The path towards spiritual freedom is a long one. It’s not that it has to be; it’s that few people are truly ready to surrender everything all at once. Even those who have powerful spiritual awakenings generally find themselves in a gradual letting go process as the initial years of transformation settle.
Because of this, I look for students who are dedicated to their long-term spiritual evolution. There are no quick and easy fix-it spiritual pills. Such thinking is one of the many false hopes of the ego, and in this work, the student is taught to look at reality not fantasy.

Along the way towards spiritual freedom, a lot of different changes and transformations tend to happen. Some of those include:

  • A calmer mind
  • Clarity on how to live consciously after a spiritual awakening
  • A more open heart
  • Greater understanding of spiritual truth and how it applies to everyday living
  • Resolution of old trauma
  • Dissolution of a wide variety of issues, big and small
  • Greater energy sensitivity and better ability to be with that sensitivity
  • Resolution of core issues and family karmas
  • Discovery of who you truly are
  • More expansive appreciation of all of life as it is, and much more

Ultimately, all of this is about journeying to spiritual freedom. In true freedom, we are free of all ego attachments, and we are undisturbed by body feelings and sensations. We are free to be as we are and live in whatever way we are divinely inspired.

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About My Teaching Philosophy

How and what I teach varies depending on where you are and what you need. The strongest teaching is presence. The energy of the shared connection can be quite powerful, and that can surprise people who are not used to such connections. It can draw up a lot of issues, but it can also evoke a lot of love. Both experiences are powerful lessons and opportunities for growth.

With that said, it’s not always so accelerated and intense. Some connections are much slower and more gradual. Everyone connects to me differently, and everyone is at a different level of conscious awareness. That makes it necessary for my teaching to be tailored to you. It’s like coming to a math teacher and not knowing algebra. We’re going to work on algebra then. We won’t work on calculus until you’re ready for that. Someone else who has mastered algebra and other disciplines is ready for me to teach them calculus. In more spiritual terms, this means I’ll talk to one person about top-level issues of not speaking their truth or about setting up a spiritual practice. For another who can speak their truth and has a practice, we may delve into opening to love. For another who understands love, we may work on opening even further in love.

To the external world, teaching people differently may seem contradictory. But it’s not. This spiritual teaching is about meeting the individual where they are; it’s not about creating a one-size fits all generic spiritual teaching.

Overall, the spiritual path is about going within. We find spiritual freedom within ourselves, not in holding onto ideas or trying to attain states. All states and experiences are transitory. All relationships and places are just momentary connections. By being at peace with ourselves, we learn to be open to all connections and experiences, and that allows us to respond intuitively and wisely to the ever-changing tapestry of life that is unfolding before us.

My students have reminded me that I hold a very powerful, non-judgmental, safe space for them to explore both their inner light and dark. In so doing, they feel free to be themselves with whatever is happening for them. This further assists them as they drop into new internal spaces and face things that are deeply vulnerable. Additionally, even outside of a session, students may feel deeply supported by my energy.

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What is a Spiritual Teacher?

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Characteristics for Spiritual Learning

Here are several characteristics people need to possess to thrive in this work:

  • Dedication and regular inner work outside of sessions
  • Humility and willingness to see your own lies
  • Honesty
  • Good communication with me
  • Willingness to be vulnerable
  • Willingness to face discomfort

About Connecting with me

I work with people in a three main ways including:

  • Connecting Via Skype
  • Connecting thru In-Person, Private Sessions (For Local Long-term Students Only)
  • Connecting in Group Sessions Such as my Free Livestreaming Talks

Frequently Asked Questions About My Sessions

Livestreaming Channel on YouTube

Who I Work with

I work with a wide variety of people from all kinds of different backgrounds. I’ve regularly worked with those who are beginning on the spiritual path, and I’ve helped those who seek healing. I’ve also helped highly sensitive people get used to their sensitivities and heighten abilities. However, three groups in particular that I’d like to discuss are those who have had a spiritual awakening, high-visibility people, and long-time spiritual seekers.

Souls in Awakening
Initially, those who have had a spiritual awakening can feel completely out of sorts. It's a bewildering and scary place initially because spiritual awakening falls so far out of the realm of what the ego considers "normal." It also can be a blissful, ecstatic, and extremely connected space. I'll work with you to find appropriate grounding, feel less disoriented, and help you to shift from an old way of being and towards spiritual freedom.

As the initial awakening intensity calms, I help you to continue to dissolve further into Divine oneness and avoid the trap of the spiritual plateau. There’s a lot of ego attachments and other levels of resistance that awakened energy may leave intact even after years of transformation, and to go further means to choose to keep staying open, going within, and surrendering.

Getting off the Spiritual Plateau

High-visibility Leaders, Teachers, and Others
Being a person who is in a high-visibility position is a powerful responsibility. When dozens, hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people look to an individual, the attention from so many people bombards the individual with lots of energies and demands. It’s very easy for high-visibility people to create a fa├žade, lose their way, and/or shut down because they don’t know how to handle all this energy nor the issues that are triggered within them.

To those people, I offer support to help them go deeper and plumb the depths of their inner space so that they resolve issues that are getting triggered. With this support, they can stay open, clear, and true to themselves and to the service they are offering.

Long-time Spiritual Seekers
I help long-time spiritual seekers go further than they are, but they are often challenged by me to let go of the ideas and experiences they’ve had. The long-time spiritual seeker tends to become burdened by an excess of ideas and experiences, which they’re now holding onto. To become a spiritual finder is a process of losing ego, not gathering concepts and new experiences to reinforce it. Because this is often counter to what long-time seekers have been doing, working with me can be particularly challenging.

However, if the seeker is sincere, I can help them to “lose” these spiritual ideas and experiences and see themselves, the spiritual path, and life anew. In returning to this beginning space, I can then help them move further on the path of spiritual freedom.

Opportunities for Active Students

Spiritual Teacher and Healer Mentorship Program
For those who are local or who are willing to have an extended stay in the Northern Nevada area, I mentor those who are aspiring or who are current spiritual teachers and healers. For those who are just beginning, I can help you create a healthy foundation to build upon and do the work that you are called to do. For those who are already practicing, I can help you to go deeper and clear the next level of issues within you so that you can expand your work. When we clear more internal space, the depth and expansiveness of the work we offer to the world grows.

I rarely choose anyone to mentor because the energetic connection has to be right, and the individual has to be at a phase of development where they can take on the work of a teacher/healer. Being a conduit for light, love, and support to others is a big job, and many people rush to it too soon. So expect the mentorship process to be longer than you might expect because I want to ensure that you are truly ready to handle the burden it presents.

Click on this link for mentorship program details.

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Weekend One-on-one Intensives
From time to time, I'll set up a weekend one-on-one intensive with a student. Here's a link with information about that.

Setting up a Weekend Intensive

Speaking to Groups and Offering Workshops

I also speak to groups and offer workshops as I’m guided. Right now, my most regular group work is online via my livestreaming events.

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