The caterpillar becomes the butterfly just as we go from sleeping to spiritually awake beings.
Welcome to my spiritual awakening section. I know that many of you have questions about spiritual awakening, and I know that most of you are in very different places on your spiritual paths. Because of this, I’ve created five sections to better serve you and where you may be on your spiritual path.

The sections are for those who are:
  • Awakened
  • Spiritually shifted
  • Wanting to awaken
  • Long-time seekers
  • Spiritually curious
Obviously, a person can be several of these different types of people, so feel free to read more than just the section pertaining to you or all the blog posts if you like. Hopefully these different sections will answer most of your questions about what to do to go further on your spiritual path. In this work, what I am ultimately pointing you towards is spiritual freedom. If there is any confusion about what I mean, please read this blog post:

How to Find Spiritual Freedom

If you don’t find an answer you are seeking, please use the search tool to help you search the hundreds of other blog posts on this site. This section only can highlight so many of my posts.

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When I discuss spiritual awakening on this blog, I am talking about when a person’s energetic system has been ignited and is now intelligently transforming the individual. This ushers in a time of disorientation, healing, growth, and spiritual transformation.

If you are in a spiritual awakening as I define it, you do not control it, and it doesn’t matter if you have a spiritual practice or not. It doesn’t matter if you think you are spiritual or not. This energy guides you.

The following blog posts are meant to help you listen and follow this guidance to create greater ease in your transformation. Ultimately, awakening is taking you to your natural state where you are free of your ego and the suffering it causes.

Spiritual Awakening Help and Tips Guide (Start Here!)

What Should I Do After Awakening?

What Is a Spiritual Awakening?

5 Signs of a Spiritual Awakening

9 Popular Spiritual Awakening Questions

How Long Does a Spiritual Awakening Take

Awakening After the Death of a Loved One

Near Death Experiences and Spiritual Awakening

Kundalini Awakening and Kundalini Experiences

Spiritual Awakening Stages

Common Experiences After Awakening
There are many types of experiences people have after awakening. Below are posts with more information about sleep disruption, feeling “crazy,” bliss, fatigue, depression, being alone, losing desires, pain, energy sensitivities, and more.

7 Common Spiritual Awakening Experiences

A lot of people feel completely unprepared for awakening. That, of course, doesn’t mean their soul isn’t ready.
Being Spiritually Ready Versus Prepared

The Newness and Uncertainty After Releasing an Issue

The Bliss State Comes and Then It Goes

Spiritual Revelations and Realizations Roll Through You

Feeling Crazy After a Spiritual Awakening

Chronic Fatigue and Spiritual Awakening

5 Types of Spiritual Awakening Sleep Problems and Insomnia

Subconscious Processing and Awakening

Spiritual Depression and Unconscious Ego Resistance After Awakening

Losing More Desires and Interests After Awakening

Awakened and Being at a Loss for Words

Feeling Alienated After Awakening

Why Spiritual Awakening Can Make People Solitary

Energy Sickness and Feeling Drained Energetically

Spiritual Awakening and Pain: The Torment of Internal Resistance

Post-awakening Challenges: The Lost Gray World of Apathy

Spiritual Awakening and Enhanced Energy Sensitivities

As someone dissolves more of their ego, even deeply protected levels of ego go away such as gender and sexual identities.
Losing Your Gender and Sexual Identities

Getting Stuck and Incomplete Spiritual Awakening Integrations

Laziness and a Wasted Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Tools and Strategies for Awakening
Here are some tools and strategies to help you do the spiritual inner work you need to do. If you are brand new to spirituality, please look to the resources in the starting out section. You may also find my ebook to be helpful.

Starting Out Section

Jim’s ebook: Everyday Spirituality: Cultivating an Awakening

The Process of Releasing Pain from Your Energy Body (Must Read)

Completing Cycles and Crossing Thresholds

5 Practical Spiritual Awakening Strategies

Releasing Issues Intentionally

Identify, Accept, Embrace, and Let Go

Mapping Out Ego Structure

Spiritual Self-care and Rest After Processing

The Importance of Mental Resilience After Awakening

Dietary Shifts and Food Needs in the Spiritual Awakening Process

How to Find and Release Physical Pain During a Spiritual Awakening

Burning Up in the Fire of Divine Grace

Spiraling into Darkness
If people don’t handle awakened energy well, things can get scary bad. These posts are aimed to help you get out of this downward spiral. If things ever get too dark, please reach out to someone for help!

The Dark Night of the Soul

Repairing an Awakening Gone Bad

The Unwanted Awakening: Denying Your Self and Your Love

The Neglected Spiritual Awakening and its Results

Being at Peace with Pain

5 Motivational Tips to Keep You Going Through Tough Issues

Has God Turned His Back on You?

Expanding in Peace After Awakening
Eventually, all that work done in darkness and pain leads people into deeper conscious awareness. That typically makes people more at peace.

Expanding Into New Levels of Consciousness

How to Rebuild Your Life After Awakening

Maturing After Awakening (video)

Relaxing Into Freedom

For even more on the topic of awakening, click the link below for all my posts tagged as “Surviving the Awakening:”

Surviving the Awakening

Spiritually Shifted People

A spiritual awakening is only one type of spiritual shift. There are many types of spiritual shifts and openings. When I say, “shift,” something permanently changes inside you. When I use the word, “opening,” some truth or experience is temporarily experienced. Then that experience ends.
People can shift and open mentally, in their hearts, in their bodies, and their energetic fields. If someone had a heart opening, they may feel very blissfully, but when that experience ends, they return to how their heart normally is. If someone has mental shift and realizes that their marriage is toxic, then they can’t go back to the relationship in the same way because of the permanence of that shift.

There are innumerable shifts and openings, and awakening that is full of shifts and openings. However, awakening is rare. Most of what people experience that they often called “awakening” for lack of a better word is one of these many shifts.

The following posts are meant to help you understand your shift and go deeper inwards and towards spiritual freedom.

How Do I Get My Awakening Back?

This post speaks to how openings—often called awakenings—come and go.
Spiritual Awakenings, Openings, Revelations, Oh My!

Getting Off the Spiritual Plateau

When People Fall in Love with Your Energy

Shifting Perspectives: Walking Through a Weird Wonderland

Losing a Sense of “I” and Individuality

Imbalances Caused by Spiritual Growth

5 Benefits of a Long-term Spiritual Practice

Wanting to Awaken

If you’ve read any of the other posts above before getting here, then you should understand that awakening is serious business. Turning on your energetic system is a powerful surrender of control, and how it will transform you will be unique to you. This isn’t a system you turn on and off when it is convenient for you. It has a life of its own because it IS the life in you.

With that said, a lot of preparation should be done if you are considering doing this. You need to be prepared for any psychological, emotional, physical, or energetic shift that can arise. That typically means doing inner work to get to know what is residing in your unconsciousness.

Even when you do this and if you then have an awakening, it won’t be like anything you would expect, and awakened energy will show you things you never imagined resided within you—both light and dark.

How to Prepare for Awakening

Building a Mind Strong Enough for Awakening

Building a Heart Strong Enough for Awakening

Building a Body Strong Enough for Awakening

How to Make a Spiritual Awakening Happen

Awakening Your Energy (video)

The Path to Nowhere

Maintaining Your Spiritual Practice During Hard Times

Surrender, Surrender, and Keep Surrendering

The Spiritual Bypass: The Illusion of Avoiding Your Difficulties

Working on Healing Your Issues
If you want to awaken, it’s important to work on the issues that you already know about. As you do, you find issues you didn’t know you had and eventually delve into your core issues. In this way, you clear space for the awakened energy to flow rather than to have a cluttered inner space that gets churned up by awakened energy.

Healing Silent Wounds

The Fear of Losing Your Mind

The Fear of the Unknown

Love and the Search for Validation

Facing the Abyss of Self-hatred

Confronting Core Issues (Recording)

Being Unwanted by Your Family

Reading more posts in my Starting Out section will also help you:

Jim’s Starting Out Section

Here are more useful spiritual blog posts under the tag “Cultivating an Awakening.”

Long-time Spiritual Seeker

Some of you may have been seeking freedom/the Divine/God for a long time. However, without the correct understanding, many long-time spiritual seekers become lost. They can become spiritual retreat junkies, spiritual workaholics, spiritual tourists, and other types of spiritual egos.

You may also have had an awakening at one point, but then the energy wore away. If you didn’t have the right support, you might not have grown or healed much. Even if you did, you may find that you had only begun the journey towards spiritual freedom. Hopefully now that you’ve arrived at this blog, some of my posts can take you further.

As always, going further is going inward.

Spiritual Liberation and the End of Ego Suffering

How to Go Spiritually Deeper

The Error of Defending Your Beliefs

Beware the Spiritual Ego

5 Misunderstandings About Surrender

How to Break Out of Repeating Issues

5 Misunderstandings About Humility

How Do I Make Decisions from No-mind?

6 Types of Spiritual-workaholics

Spiritual Sticking Points and Why People Like Being Stuck

The Animal Within: Retraining the Primal Instinctual Body

Accepting Your Body’s Mortality and Frailty

Releasing Attachments You Like

Nothing Belongs to You

Melting Into Silence

Be Here Now

Oneness and Giving Up More of Yourself to the Divine

Engaging Your Baseline Emotional State

Spiritually Curious

Are you curious about the spiritual path? Are you curious about spiritual awakening? Then this is the section for you.

Not everyone is ready to jump with both feet into the ocean of spiritual consciousness, so this section is a place to get some spiritual tips to metaphorically dip your toes into the waters.

For starters, you probably should have already checked out my “Starting Out” section. If not, please head over there at some point:

Jim’s Starting Out Section

How to Be More Spiritually Conscious

Do You Really Want to Know You?

Is Kundalini Dangerous?

Do You Need a Spiritual Teacher?

Can a Spiritual Awakening Go Wrong?

The Number One Ego Issue

The 2 Pillars of the Ego and the Human Animal Body

We Are All One: The Law of Interconnection

How Can I Connect with my Higher Self

The First Spiritual Teacher for Most People and Going Beyond

6 Reasons People Succeed Spiritually

What Is Purpose and Why Do People Want it?

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The butterfly picture on this page is a gift from Becky Stiller. You can see more of her work on her Flickr account.

Updated 11/1/2021

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