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Welcome to the books section of my spiritual awakening blog. As you'll quickly notice, I only have one ebook available for purchase at this time. However, I am working on a second book to guide people through a spiritual awakening, and I expect to write several more books in the future to help people on their spiritual journeys.

Everyday Spirituality: Cultivating an Awakening

This spiritual ebook is meant to offer everyday, practical advice to help people on their spiritual paths. It offers insights to assist people in understanding their hearts, bodies, minds, and energy. I also touch on psychic awareness.

It's a great book for long-time seekers to check-in with themselves to see if they have gaps in their spiritual work. A lot of seekers get stuck in different areas like the person who loves fun spiritual experiences (heart and body), but s/he has been avoiding some intellectual work that is needed to understand her/his beliefs. The reverse can be true too.

It's a great book for those who awaken and who have never been spiritual a day in their life. This book can help you orient to the spiritual path and figure out how to do your inner work.

It's also a great book for spiritual beginners who want to get started on the right foot in figuring out this spiritual world.

You can read the reviews and buy the ebook on the below link:

Buy Everyday Spirituality: Cultivating an Awakening Here!

Second Book: Editing Phase 

The second book is going to be a nuts and bolts practical guide to what to do after a spiritual awakening. I intend to get down into the nitty-gritty much like I do in this blog so that people can take care of themselves and really learn how to do some powerful inner work.

There is no release date, but this project is very much in progress with a first draft complete and editing underway. I also hope to find a good publisher, and I am open to receiving contacts in the publishing world if you know someone.

Third Book: Concept Phase

Yes, that's right. I already have a third book in my mind, and I haven't even finished the second. It'll be a natural follow-up to the second book, and in it, I will more deeply explore the topic of natural flow and spiritual growth. Spiritual growth from the space of oneness is a fascinating experience, and it's one that I hope to offer many insights on when I write this book.


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