Spiritual community is an invitation to dance together again.
The Beauty of Playing in a Spiritual Community
Many of you are yearning to feel the safe confines of a spiritual community in your life, and I'm honored that this blog has been a momentary refuge for many of you. However, I urge you to consider that you may be a spiritual community creator in these times of change. New spiritual communities that embrace all faiths, religions, and spiritual paths are needed, and while other people may one day create these, if you feel called to create a spiritual community, I encourage you to seize this amazing opportunity. In the days and months ahead, I'll be adding resources and ideas to help facilitate your work as a spiritual community catalyst.

Spiritual Communities By Jim

My foray into spiritual community building hasn't really begun yet, but that's where I intend to bring energy and focus in the coming decades. For now, if you'd like to connect with me more in the communal space, I encourage you to sign up for my newsletter and like my page on Facebook:

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Creating a Personal Spiritual Community

Everyone will have to create their own personal spiritual community. A spiritual community can be as large as you and your best friend. Your personal community is about who you bring into your life to specifically support you. This community may change and shift as different relationships are needed in your group and other relationships complete in your life. Below will be a growing list of blog posts around how you can develop your own community.

Building Your Personal Spiritual Community

Finding a Spiritual Community

Evolving Your Spiritual Community

Choosing Your Spiritual Friends Wisely

Quick Tip: If you're on Facebook, create a private Facebook group and invite those of your friends with whom you can have spiritual conversations.

Creating a General Spiritual Community

Creating a general spiritual community means that you're intending to have a semi-permanent group. Nothing lasts forever, but you're intending to create this space for the foreseeable future. Types of general spiritual communities can be:

  • Regular meditation nights
  • Weekly talks
  • Weekly discussion groups and so forth
They don't have to be large, but I believe they all need to be focused on creating a safe and loving space for people to be as they are. It's not so important to come to intellectual agreement about things as it is to learn how to be with the large tapestry of human perspectives. It is, however, important that people don't get lost in pontificating or badgering others, so there will be some light rules and guidelines that you'll have to create. However, by and large, I think that if this is the work that you're called to do, you will find an ease and a joy to it that will be amazingly fulfilling.

As I mentioned above, this doesn't have to be a huge group, and if you're interested in starting one but don't know where to begin, feel free to reach out to me through my contact page. Please put in the header "Spiritual Community."

If you're already a spiritual community builder or leader, you are welcome to connect with me through my contact form as well. I am always happy to do talks for your group or to help come up with other interesting things you can do or share with your group. As mentioned above, put "Spiritual Community" in the header of the email."

Spiritual Community Building Blogs and Resources

Calling All Spiritual Community Builders

Creating a Spiritual Movement

More tips and resources forthcoming.

Spiritual Families and Parenting

We all know that families are one of the major cornerstones of our communities, and as such, spiritual parenting is one area where we fundamentally shape our larger communities. 

Spiritual Writing From My Spiritual Community

This writing primarily comes from my spiritual students.

Spiritual Poetry

The latest blog posts from my students can always be found on this link:

Thoughts from a Student

Spiritual Allegories and Stories from me

If you'd like something a little more fun, here's a collection of spiritual stories and allegories that I've written:

Spiritual Allegories

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