Please fill out the contact form to connect with me, and please review the following categories.

Potential Students: Please be thorough about the nature of your request. I'd like to know how you found me, why you want to work with me, and what your current spiritual practice is. This usually means writing at least 2 paragraphs, but less than 5 paragraphs. I don't need a huge email to get an intuitive sense of where you are on your spiritual journey.

Take your time, and attend to grammar, spaces, and so forth. It makes it easier for me to read, and the fact that you do it also means you read this and can follow instructions.

If you have awakened, let me know what you are feeling and when it started. If you are healing a particular issue or trauma, please let me know what it is and when the trauma was suffered.

Also, let me know if you're interested in making a long-term commitment to a spiritual teacher, which essentially means making a long-term commitment to yourself.

I ask that you read my FAQ about how my sessions work on this link.

General Inquiries, Compliments, Comments, and Questions: Much like my advice above, please use good grammar and be clear in what you are asking or how you want to connect with me. If you're just looking for someone to talk with as a spiritual pen pal, please check out some of the many online spiritual websites instead.

Acquisitions Editors: I am in the process of writing a new book, so now is an excellent time to reach out to me. Please tell me a little bit about your publishing house and how you support your authors.

Supporters: If you are interested in helping me, please tell me a little bit about yourself and about how you'd like to help. I can use support in online and offline outreach, setting up events for talks, and many other areas.

Interview Requests: If you would like to interview me, please tell me about your website/channel/media outlet. I'd like to know how long you have been in business, the type of readership/viewership you have, and other related details.

Business Offers: I rarely respond to these unless it is about speaking at an event or holding a workshop. Please let me know why you think your service/partnership/project is applicable to me. Don't send me book review inquiries. I do not do them.

Guest Writers: Please do not contact me. I only post my work and some work from current students and mentees.

Thanks for reaching out. I'll reply as I am intuitively guided.

Be sure to check your spam folder for my reply, as my email can occasionally get weeded out by overly-aggressive programs. Also it can be a few days to a few weeks before I respond depending on my workload.

Important! In efforts to comply with new government laws, I have created a Data and Privacy Agreement to explain how I protect your privacy. By writing a message and clicking "Send," you are agreeing to this document. You can read its full text here: Data and Privacy Agreement.

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