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Working with a spiritual teacher is a deeply connective, vulnerable, and amazingly supportive space. It truly is a unique relationship and one which can help you dissolve your ego and realize spiritual freedom.

This can be an intense relationship, and make no mistake about it; this is a space of love. If you haven't already read about my blogs relating to love, I encourage you to do so. Simply put, love is complete, unconditional acceptance of what is. In the space of session, I offer this love to you.

As some of my students point out, there is some "heat" in this spiritual kitchen that I offer via Skype. Love--while totally accepting you--also knows how to help people deal with powerful ego attachments and break free of them. That often means getting things intense enough and focused enough to push up the truth and release the attachments.

While I don't like making promises about the spiritual path, there are all kinds of wonderful realizations, healing moments, openings, spiritual growth, and shifts that happen in my sessions. It's a wonderful experience even if it can be uncomfortable at times. When an issue releases, you no longer have to deal with it again, and that kind of freedom is why many of my students keep returning to this work year after year.

Ultimately, realizing spiritual freedom is what this whole spiritual path is about. On that path, we surrender happiness, safety, and healing/health as we realize that they are all temporary experiences. We will gain them and lose them countless times in our lives. Instead, the truly sane choice is spiritual freedom where we learn to surrender to all of life as it is. And that's where I direct you as a student.

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I work by a suggested donation. My suggested donation is $175 USD for an hour session for those with the financial means. For everyone else, whatever you can donate within your budget is fine.

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The Importance of Regular One-on-one Sessions

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