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My ebook is called Everyday Spirituality: Cultivating an Awakening. I believe that everything we do in this world is part of our service to spirit. This ebook helps you to create a framework or understanding and practices to find the right service you will offer to the world. This ebook spans 200 pages and helps you to understand yourself on heart, body, mind, and psychic levels.

This book can't wake you up; only your soul and God decide when an awakening may come. But it can help you to become more conscious and to make space for spirit to move within you. If nothing else, it'll offer tools to help you live the life you want to live that is full of love and free of fear.

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Developing Your Own Path

My last thoughts are to encourage you to see this ebook as a tool for developing your own path. It's not about following a prescribed formula that I've used. Some things in this ebook I actively do, and others I have channeled from the divine or learned about from other sources. As I always say, find what resonates for you and leave the rest behind. You are here on this planet to create your own path, and if it leads to awakening, then that's a true gift. But above all, spirituality is very simple. It is in all things, and I hope this book helps you to see that.


Reviews of Everyday Spirituality: Cultivating an Awakening

Better Than Other Spiritual Awakening Books

Your book is better than any article or other books about spiritual awakening I've ever read. It provides everything I need to know for now. I loved the way you wrote everything in the book. I must say that at first I was thinking that this is another book that will try to manipulate me into believing that this is wrong or this is bad, but no, your book is not forcing anyone into believing that anything is bad or good. Instead it leads me to discover for myself what is good or bad for me. I absolutely loved it.

-- Alexandru M.

A Profound Reminder for What Awakening Is

The year I became aware of reality was the year my life changed. In 2012, I had realized the changes that had begun taking place not only within the inner body, the physical, but the spiritual plane as well. If I may conclude from my experiences thus far (as they are not yet over) is that… life is beautiful. This spiritual awakening has been one of the most beautiful experiences ever, but it has also been very painful, as the soul has been tremendously over due to release pain that have been stored since long ago. It was the pain and the willingness to forgive that troubled me and had me seeking for guidance. Months after months of researching and typing in the same thing into the Google search box, I had finally found what I had been looking for: The Spiritual Awakening Process (BLOG website) created by Jim Tolles. After reading several of his blogs I came across his E-book "Everyday Spirituality: Cultivating an Awakening."

His book explained everything I had hoped it would. To had finally found helpful information was truly a blessing. This book has been helping me understand why we go through certain situations in life. It has also helped me accept the struggles to be part of this journey. Jim is very straight forward in his work and extremely helpful and quick to provide answers as much as possible. My intentions to turn to "Everyday Spirituality: Cultivating an Awakening" written by our spiritual friend Jim Tolles, was not to replace my belief system but to learn about someone else’s experience as a reminder to the soul of how important it is to remain faithful to oneself and God, and to understand that indeed there is a new way of life; and it all starts within. Thanks to Jim Tolles and his incredible E-book, I have more insight to what the Spiritual Awakening is and its purpose.

-- Yaxara S. 

Excellent Guidance for a Spiritual Awakening

I found Jim Tolles’ book "Everyday Spirituality:  Cultivating an Awakening" to be a very pragmatic, balanced approach to a life event that can send you very off balance, indeed. Though dealing with the awakening by focusing on the day-to-day stuff of life might initially seem counter-intuitive in that often we feel we’re most interested in learning quickly about what’s happening behind the scenes in the "big" picture, I think it may be just the thing you need to guide you through this very amazing period.

The book is divided into several main topics: Spirituality Basics, Connect, Heal, and Awaken. It is within this basic framework that Mr. Tolles shares beneficial ways of dealing with these different stages in light of the important parts of "you" that will need to be addressed as you move through awakening. I highly recommend this book along with Mr. Tolles’ blog.

-- Lisa W.

EBook Helps to Overcome Stuckness

This book came at exactly the right time for me. I had been searching the Internet and looking in various books for a very long time trying to find out what was happening to me and trying to find a way to cope with it all. I never normally buy books that I find on Web pages and blogs, but this one seemed to call out to me. So I surprised myself by getting it. It's been amazing for me. The ebook has helped me understand what's going on in my life and pointed out some very uncomfortable areas that I needed to take notice of.

Your book has helped me in so many ways, and I will be going back to it time and time again I feel. Each section brings a unique awareness to me, and I am so grateful that you wrote it and that I found it. I was at a bit of a standstill in my awakening, and I now see how stuck I had become resisting everything and judging myself daily. So thank you Jim from my mind, body and spirit for giving me the tools I desperately needed to meet my stuckness!!!!!

-- Angie B.

Changing You Forever and for Better

Everyday Spirituality: Cultivating An Awakening by J. Tolles tells the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Any doubts you've had about yourself, religion, or spirituality will be put to ease after reading this wonderful work. Our society has programmed us to believe in certain things that are down right painful. What a relief to learn that those painful beliefs are lies. How freeing it is to discover how truly powerful we are. I highly recommend this book to you, your children, to your parents, to their parents. Every human being living on this planet would benefit from these powerful words. What you'll learn from these pages can change you forever and for better.

-- Missy S.

A Down-to-Earth Spirituality eBook

I love this book. It's written in a very down-to-Earth, conversational style with a lot of humor mixed in. I appreciate its practicality, addressing so many of the issues that arise during awakening. I have not encountered another book that really deals with the nuts and bolts, down in the trenches realities of awakening. By validating my experience, it's helped me to relax into it.

-- Laura L.

Getting Needed Spirituality Help

"When I saw the ad for your e-book, I knew intuitively it would be good to have. I know I'm in an awakening process, and I know I need a lot of help. I'm not big into ordering online, so I figured I'd have to spend 30 bucks. Maybe it's on sale for $25. But for 4.99...5 dollars? The table of contents is worth that.

Sometimes a topic will come to mind, so I'll look it up. Other times when I feel I want to work on myself, I'll scan the content page till something pops out at me. I've read it through only once, but it's the ability to stay on a course that is numbered that I like. I've read some pages a few times. Very helpful."

-- Bob K.

Wished She'd Had the eBook Years Ago

Your ebook is unique because of the structure of it, and please stick to this kind of structure in any future book you may write. I so wish I had discovered your ebook when I first started my spiritual journey 3- 4 years ago when I had to research all over the world to get all the information on metaphysical processes, tools, levels and spiritual laws.

-- Pallavi K.

A Terrific, Life-Affirming Book!

Jim Tolles' "Everyday Spirituality:Cultivating an Awakening" reaffirms and leads one through the steps to achieve a sense of spirituality in everyday life. It helped me reaffirm many things I had been feeling about life but was unable to express and gave me new tools to understand and deepen my understanding of what this crazy, wonderful thing we call life is really about. I recommend it to anyone and everyone. Let go, read it, and discover yourself!

-- Paula A.

Down to Earth Spirituality Book

Everyday Spirituality: Cultivating an Awakening is a book that explains truthfully the ups and downs that you may encounter with spiritual awakening. It has helped me to understand the different phases I’ve been in, and it helps to know that it’s all normal. Jim Tolles is so generous and gifted in sharing the intuitive teachings that he has received that it feels like he’s talking directly at you when reading it.

This book is so easy to read, is well structured, and is very down to earth. For only $5, this book is more than worth it. Thank you so much Jim!

--Christiane G.  


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