Coming to Completion

As many of you know, I recently finished my ebook, Everyday Spirituality: Cultivating an Awakening. I'm still a little in awe and shock. For years, I've dreamt of writing a book, and the way this thing has tumbled out of me over the past months is just amazing. It's awe-inspiring what happens when you align with spirit.

This book really isn't about me either. It's what has come through me. I just got out of the way most days and tried not to second guess what I was writing. I've done enough second-guessing for most of my life. Whenever I did that in my writing or otherwise, things didn't go as well as when I just trusted. This, as I've mentioned before, has nothing to do with blind faith. Your inner knowing and your guidance makes you extremely clear-eyed. You see things for what they are, and you act accordingly. You just trust what you do and say in those situations, and usually, things turn out better than you can possibly imagine. So was it with writing this book.

Completion Instead of Ending
One of the important parts of the spiritual path is coming to understand when something completes. Most things are enforced endings. You graduated high school because some mysterious force out there decided that so many credits, years, and courses meant that you now had the academic acumen to move on. It's silly, of course. Some people really have learned enough for their life paths in two years at high school. Some people need more years, yet we all try to cram ourselves into the 4-year process. Then when we toss off our caps and celebrate, we assume that we're done. That's a human ending; that's not completion at all.

Later on, you find out if you were really done. If you weren't, you end up taking more classes later on to fill in the spaces where you didn't really get all that you needed from a class. And still this metaphor doesn't work particularly well because someone else is still telling you where you're done. Completion, however, comes from within.

Your Inner Knowing Speaks Up
I'm a broken record about a lot of things; your inner knowing and intuition is one such thing. They're so critical to being able to find truth and understand what's right for you. They help you to turn your attention away from the noise of the world to find the deeper meaning inside you. As such, your inner knowing is what pipes up and says, "I'm done." It says things like:
  • "Now I'm done in this relationship."
  • "I'm complete at this job."
  • "This book is done."
When it speaks, you know it's the truth. This inner knowing is like all others; it's deep, quiet, and clear. There's no fear to it, although your mind may run in yelling, "Wait! Wait! I need this job. I can't be done here." But you are. And it will be really painful to try and stick around in something where the energy has suddenly left for you.

The Everyday Spirituality Book Completes: The Weight Bears Down
I felt the book finish on an energetic level last Wednesday. My little ego mind ran in saying, "But don't we need to edit it about 3 trillion more times?" No. I don't. That's not what matters to spirit. Spirit rarely cares much about perfection. Perfection is such a human idea; it's rather silly. To Spirit, all of creation is perfect. In the case of my book, it is a tool; it's a means for energy transmission through words. Later on in life, perhaps I'll be able to write in baby babble, and people will feel the energy all the same. For now, I use concepts and create a loose framework for people to understand spirituality. The perfect grammar and syntax isn't so important; the energy is already there. It's complete

The weight I feel is in the responsibility. I know that I've sent out a pretty major energy shockwave. It's already rippled out past my immediate friends as they've forwarded it on to other people. And that's what's meant to happen. It's meant to be passed on and on so that others can read it and share it. It's meant to help everyone wake up to who they really are. With that kind of force flowing through me to others, I also have to be responsible to helping people as they shift. I can't just light a fire and run off in the hills; I have to tend it. In so doing, I'm also fanning the flames; there's a lot of change already coming. I'm very much part of it; soon you will be too.

Because we are all trying to wake up together. A few of us waking up is not enough. We all have to come to completion with our karmic cycles as soon as possible or more pain and bloodshed will continue to transpire. Haven't we had enough pain? Haven't we had enough sorrow, misery, and anger? I know that I've seen enough in my few years here; I hope you have too.

One Path Ends, A New One Begins
I'm at a point in my life where I'm about to shift gears in a serious way. I don't exactly know what that looks like, but I know that with the completion of the book, a big part of my current path has completed. To tell you the truth, I'm pretty damned tired. I feel like I could be on vacation for a couple of years. To tell you the truth, I know that won't happen and that things are about to really accelerate for me. It is equally exciting and daunting even though it is all exactly what I want.

Because I chose this path. Sometimes, it's just so intense to have everything feel like it's happening the way it should. For a good portion of my life, I felt stymied and off-course. I felt like nothing was going the way I wanted. Well, a spiritual awakening is a major course correct, but it doesn't look like what you think you wanted. I've learned how little I knew about what's actually right for me. So, this path that I'm finishing and the path I'm about to start don't really look familiar. I think that's one of the mischievous things about karmic cycles; they may suck and be miserable, but you know what's coming. So people stay in those loops because of that bizarre comfort of predictability. But I no longer want to get whacked in the head the same way, and so I changed course. Which also means, I really don't know what's exactly coming.

All I do know is that I've come to a new sense of completion. A doorway has quietly shut, which is as it should. A new one is just about to open. I wonder what is in store for me now.

Special thanks to Arran Edmonstone for today's picture. You can see more of his photography on this Flickr link.