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We all need support from time to time in life, and that includes needing help on the spiritual path.

The nature of the ego is to stay in its patterns. The ignorance of the ego makes it hard to even realize what those patterns are. Left to our own devices, we generally will replicate the same kinds of thinking based off the same kinds of beliefs. As a consequence, we generally do the same types of things over and over again. Even when we feel like we're doing something brand new, how we may be doing it may still follow the same basic patterns.

For example, a person may decide to quit the job that they hate, but then they've gotten hired onto a new job that they found by analyzing career opportunities through the same way of thinking. Maybe they like this job better, but it may even be similar in the responsibilities that the person had in the last job. And with so many other possibilities filtered out automatically by the ego, this person would not have even scratched the surface of opportunities they could have investigated nor the depths of their own talents.

Such is how blind we can be. So it helps to have a little support in this whole venture of letting go of the ego and the suffering it causes.

If you already know you want to work with me and we haven't talked before, you can send a message through my contact form.

What Jim Offers in His Sessions

Everyone is on their own unique journey, and so I meet people where they are. I meet people all over the place both figuratively and literally thanks to being able to have online video chats. Whether someone just had an awakening, had an awakening 14 years ago, is doing healing work, is starting the spiritual path, is trying to coming to terms with being a highly-sensitive person, or is at some other space in life, I meet them at that juncture.

Because of how I meet people where they are, my work is highly personalized. That means the work is tailored to help the person heal and grow on the path to spiritual freedom that is most appropriate for them. Everyone is different, and so that's why you may notice in some of the recordings of my free online talks that how I respond to different people with similar questions can vary. In a culture that has taught us to see a one-size fits all education as the "right" way to learn, these individualized responses can seem confusing, but that one-size-fits-all mentality is fraught with problems as many of you may have experienced growing up. We are all different, and we all have different needs. I do my best to meet people on their terms and from there help them to realize spiritual truth.

Healing from a Sick Culture

I talk about healing a lot on this blog, and for many people, it can be confusing to think that they might need to heal. Too often, we only think of healing in terms of traumas like sexual or physical abuse. People might also think of healing things like the repressed grief of a lost parent or child. While those are certainly things that get healed in this work, some of the deepest wounds come from the most widely held beliefs. Ego beliefs that cause a lot of damage include things like:
  • I need to be successful.
  • I need to be attractive.
  • I need to have lots of friends.
  • I need to have children.
  • I need to have a romantic partner.
  • I need to have a purpose.
I'm sure that some of you found yourself agreeing with some them. But they are all false beliefs. You don't need those things. Because people believe that they need them, they suffer when they don't have them. Sometimes people suffer when they do have them because they're afraid of losing them or that their friends/job/partner/etc. don't look the way the person has been taught that they should look.

Ultimately, those above beliefs and many others are underpinned by this belief:

I am not okay as I am.

Healing from that core belief is one of the fundamental levels of healing for people in Western Culture.

Teaching Since 2010

I've been teaching people since 2010, and I have no intention of stopping. I've seen a lot of issues. I've seen students succeed and fail, and a couple of the biggest reasons for failure include the following:
  • Not following instructions
  • Not following ALL instructions (meaning that the student picks and chooses what they think they should do)
  • Not showing up
  • Not showing up for sessions consistently
  • Not doing their inner work in between sessions and/or not doing work consistently
  • Expecting something magical to do the work for them
I want to emphasize that I have no intention to run anyone's lives, but when I offer instruction like someone should meditate for 30 minutes a day every day, the people who follow it tend to benefit and have more spiritual realizations. Those who don't find themselves stagnating or even regressing.

When I make a recommendation, this suggestion is coming from intuition, experience, or a combination of the two, and it is meant for the individual and where they are in that moment. This kind of advice is new for a lot of people because most people are used to being instructed based on a system (You hear things like, "This is just how we do things," when you're learning in a system).

People are also used to getting recommendations from someone's ego, which taints most advice we receive from others. Conversely, the intuitive-experiential recommendations that I offer tend to be direct and unbiased. I am not molding you into a system or into some imaginary idea; I'm freeing you to be you. Since we so rarely have someone talk directly to our heart and soul, it can be a little surprising how the advice impacts you.

Discoveries People Make in this Work

I help people with a lot of stuff. As I mentioned earlier, some of the over-arching themes include helping people with:
  • Awakening
  • Healing
  • Spiritual growth
  • Beginning a spiritual practice, and other things
Along the way, this means people have discoveries and shifts such as:
  • Learning what it means to know God
  • Learning what it means to know true love
  • Discovering how deep their ego runs
  • Becoming less reactive to life's difficulties
  • Learning how to let go of pain such as lost loved ones
  • Becoming more loving, humble, and naturally strong
  • Learning how to consciously make major life changes
  • Finding out who they truly are
  • And so much more!
Through these discoveries and realizations, it has been amazing to watch my students grow over the years. You can read some of their words in the Testimonials link. They speak for themselves, and the realizations, benefits, healing, and spiritual growth that they've experienced are testimony to their own individual willingness to walk in all inner places--both light and dark.

Testimonials of Working with Jim Tolles

Regular Work Together

While some people can go far on their own, it really helps to have the guidance of a spiritual teacher. Even those who are good at figuring things out for themselves benefit just as people who want to make a wheel benefit from talking to someone who already knows how to build a wheel. It's just more efficient.

Part of why working together is efficient comes from regular work. I work with regular students once every two weeks to build a rapport and a flow to the work. Some times there are intense issues that we work on, and other times, the session is less intense. The people who have strong energetic connections with me can move through a lot very quickly, but that also asks for more dedication in between sessions. There also tends to be a time frame for acclimating to that intensity so that people can settle into the work. Thus, the regularity gives space for that acclimation to happen. If people leave too soon, a lot of built up energy and connection gets wasted.

Ultimately, I love doing this work, and I love having long-term students. I have so much teach, and it's a joy to share it! If you feel called to work with me, feel free to do so.

Frequently Asked Questions About my Sessions

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For some more of my thoughts about sessions, please enjoy this video.


  1. Hi Jim, I discovered your blog today and what a lovely way to spend the first day of the year! I've read quite a few of your posts and felt that the way you explore and express the theme of spiritual awakening really resonated. You've answered quite a few of my questions in a simple, clear and very comprehensible way. Thank you, warmly, Diana

    1. Hi Diana. Thanks for your comment. I'm glad that my work resonates for you. I hope it inspires you to go further on the path to spiritual freedom.

      Feel free to stay in touch by asking questions through my contact form and signing up for my newsletter.

  2. Like Diana, i too have also just come across your blog.Truly beautiful writings Jim.
    I began my journey of awakening several years ago, when i reached such a dark place of existence, that the only option that was left for me to do,other than journey back to the stars, was surrender, let go, with the proviso that the spiritual aspect would eventually become clear to me,and so it has, and is continually growing stronger as each day passes.What a rollercoaster of emotions it has been. Looking back now, a beautiful and neccessary one. The calm down mind blog by Sen has been my soul(excuse the accurate pun) focus for the past years, but he very accurately said that getting towards the end of my awakening journey, that writings from another person/spiritual teacher would very much bring a clarity to where i am at on my journey, and your words have most certainly done that for me. Thanks a million Jim!! Im signing up to not miss out on your wonderful and inspiring writing. The very best to you. Pierce.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thanks for sharing, Pierce. I'm glad my work can inspire you to go deeper inwards on the path to spiritual freedom.

      Learn more about Spiritual Freedom

  3. Hi Jim,since few weeks I am regularly reading your feels like all of pains and sufferings are being relate to the deepest level of human soul.

  4. How much does a session with you cost?

    1. I work by a suggested donation. My suggested donation is $175 USD for an hour session for those with financial means. For everyone else, whatever you can donate within your budget is fine.

      You can learn more about my sessions in my FAQ.
      Read my FAQ

  5. Hi Jim,

    I've been trying to find an email that I can write to you on for a 1-on-1 session but I keep going in circles between pages. If I can get an email, I'll send in my 2-5 paragraphs on my background and spiritual journey so far.

    Look forward to hearing back from you

  6. I've recently come across Jim's blog. I've had quite an experience with my spiritual path. It's been intense and wonderfull and mind blowing, I'm truely a different soul compared to say January. It is just amazing. I'm constantly looking deeper and father, I'm helping as many as I can, when they need it or ask for it. I've made a commitment to myself to keep on keeping on. I think I'll be reaching out to him soon. I may need more guidance with this. It's a lonely path some days, especially without really knowing what I'm doing or looking for answers. Intuition is all I've got, and a little help from my freinds. When I'm more financially together. But in the mean time. I'll keep following the blog.


    1. Thanks for your message. I'm glad my blog is helping you! I recommend coming to one of my online classes as a way to get to know my work and my teaching. To be notified of upcoming classes, you can sign up for my newsletter. If you want to know what classes are coming up soon, email me after you sign up for the newsletter.


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