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As part of better serving people, I offer several different kinds of online classes to help people understand the path to spiritual freedom. You can read more about the spiritual classes below in the links below.

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Regularly Offered Classes

The following classes are online spirituality classes that I offer frequently.

Intro to Spiritual Freedom Class

What is spiritual freedom? What does it mean to realize spiritual freedom? In this class, I explore those and other topics to help people understand what this path is all about.

Intro to Spiritual Awakening Class

Spiritual awakening has become very popular as a concept, but what is it really? Why would someone want one? What is the point of awakening? What do you do after it? This class explores questions like that and places awakening within the context of the path to spiritual freedom.

How to Do Inner Work Class

Lots of people are learning the value of working on themselves. But what does inner work look like on the path to spiritual freedom? How is it the same or different from healing work or self-improvement? In this class, I help people to understand how to do inner work correctly on the path to spiritual freedom.

Infrequently Offered Classes

From time to time, I'll come up with different topics that feel fun to share about. They may include topics such as:

  • Better Spiritual Dating and Romantic Relationships
  • Building a Spiritual Sexual Practice
  • How to Consciously Use Money

If you have a suggestion for a class topic, feel free to leave a comment or email me.

More classes will be updated to this page. They will include talking about staying as awareness, mediation, and other topics. I encourage you to save the link to this page if you're interested.


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