What Should I Do After Awakening?

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It's pretty common for people to want to know what to do after awakening. But there are a couple of key elements that we need to be clear about to answer this question properly. One of which is, "What is awakening?" The other is around the timeframe. Are we talking about immediately after awakening? Are we talking about three years after awakening?

So let me take a moment to answer these different questions so that you can get clear guidance.

What Is a Spiritual Awakening?

I am very specific about this term. When I use it, I am talking about an involuntary, sustained movement to reunion with the Divine. During a spiritual awakening, things move on their own. It doesn't matter if you try or not. It embodies the heart, mind, body, and subtle energy. Everything is ignited and moving as inconvenient as that may be.

By and large, spiritual awakening is not what most people experience when they use this term. And that's okay! There are huge numbers of spiritual shifts, and our modern day English language doesn't offer us much definition. People can have spiritual realizations and experiences in the mind, body, subtle energy, or heart. But in many of these other spiritual shifts, things stop moving. There's just this experience, and then not much more. Or the energetic movement winds down fairly quickly.

The person needs to do more work and be diligent to continue to develop from the realizations that they've discovered and to stoke the fires of transformation. Otherwise, they'll settle back into their usual ego habits and patterns.

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What Do I Do After Having one of these Other Shifts?

If you have not had a spiritual awakening, thank you for being honest enough to admit that. Many egos cling to an "awakened identity," which is really something that is very hard to do after a true awakening. True awakening grinds you to dust. It grinds you into nobody, and in that space, you find spiritual freedom.

However, as I said, there are lots of other spiritual shifts. My advice is to apply what you learn. Use it to inspire you to go deeper. Question more deeply held beliefs and assumptions. Dig into the messiness of the untended heart space. Build a spiritual practice if you don't already have one. But most of all, trust what you discover in every new spiritual realization, and let it guide you. You cannot control this process. It will not be convenient to your ego. You have to surrender, and if you do, it will tend to take you to new and unexpected spaces and places. It will take you where you need to go, and that may not be where your ego thinks you should go.

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What Do I Do Immediately After Awakening?

Immediately after a spiritual awakening, you need to make space, and you need to assess where you are in life. Some people wake up in a situation where they can be a hot mess for 3 years. Maybe they have a spouse who can support them. Maybe they have good close friends. Maybe they have a lot of savings. Others don't have that luxury. Thus, they have more work ahead of them to create space to fall apart and be reborn.

Creating long-term financial solutions are important for people so that they don't end up in unnecessary financial and basic needs distress. There tends to be enough ego distress through the initial years as the ego is melted down.

Building a spiritual practice, it should go without saying, is also vitally important.

Also, the initial years when the energy is really moving is an awesome gift. Doing your best to surrender as much as possible is a way to take advantage of this energy because energy, like all human experiences, will eventually change. Use the energetic boost to help you get started moving towards spiritual freedom.

Below, I've offered several important strategies to figure out what to do in the initial time after awakening.

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What Do I Do in the Later Years After Awakening?

Some of you are much further along in your spiritual growth, and that's awesome. As the intensity of the initial years of energy subside, it often is important to more actively intensify or re-intensify the energy. The floodwaters of awakening tend to knock down a few things, but it seems rare that they remove every obstacle and leave someone in a state of pure nobodyness and freedom. Instead, awakening is kind of like resetting the system. It's a new beginning.

The clarity and freedom earned from dissolving and doing the necessary inner work during the early years offers a person the ability to intentionally dive deeper to break stronger and more powerful attachments. However, going further towards freedom is a choice. Many people are happy to plateau. Some people land in a place of ongoing, awakened flow, and you don't have to go deeper or further than your soul's desire. Hopefully if you get into these later years, it's pretty clear if your soul truly wants freedom or something else, and hopefully, you now can surrender to and live from this truth within you.

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